Outhouse Races 2008

Candyland Outhouse

Here’s a look at our Candyland team.

Our Outhouse

Here is a look at the other teams.

Click here to visit the Outhouse Race Events on our website.

The Outhouse races are one of Cochrane’s most unique family entertainment events. Hosted by the Heavenly Outhouse, the outhouse races are a fund-raising opportunity for the local Cochrane businesses to support the Cochrane Activettes and to have some real fun! Business teams of four pull their “outhouse” and a fifth person who has to sit on the thrown, down the street in a timed heat. Racing against one another for the fastest leg and sporting their best costumes, the teams compete for the two coveted prizes: the fastest team trophy and the best costume trophy.

This year we had a Candyland themed potty with all of the Candyland characters giving out lots of candy to local supporters. Our outhouse was named “Best Costume” for the second year running.

Racing the Outhouse

Outhouse Races Trophy

A picture of the trophy we won!

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