Spring Challenge!

February 25, 2010

My husband came up to me with a challenge the other day, that at first sounds really exciting, but is actually harder than it sounds. The Challenge: empty my closet of clothes and start over with new. Ahhh you mean get rid of stuff??? not so easy for me.

BUT it has started me thinking about other things around the house that I could do that for, things that really should be thrown out and bought new, Like DISH CLOTHS. I did that last year and can easily do that again. I mean think about it, who doesn’t have some dish cloths in the drawer that really should be thrown out?

It really doesn’t take much to freshen up the kitchen with some new cloths and maybe some matching tea towels or a pretty new apron. I know we’re just talking tea towels here, but having something new, even if it’s small, is a good way to perk up your day! After that you can take on the clothes closet! Good luck and keep smiling, Lianna


Free Lemon/Lime Savers

February 24, 2010

I have finally got these fantastic lemon/lime savers on our online store so I thought I’d tell you about them on our blog  too!

They are fantastic for keeping your lemons/limes from going off or for storing cut wedges where a. you’ll remember they are there and b. they won’t drip all over the rest of the stuff in your fridge.

We have more savers coming… can you guess which ones are next?  I will send a FREE lemon or lime saver to the first five people who comment. Cbreeze

Canmore Kitchen Boutique- Jane’s first blog

February 22, 2010

Hi from The Mountain Kitchen Store in Canmore, Alberta.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, we are a unique little kitchen store nestled in the foothills of the amazingly beautiful, and at this moment, snow covered Rocky Mountains…..so you can see why, in Canmore, we are known as The “Mountain Kitchen”. But, even so, we work closely with our larger sister store in Cochrane and, between the two of us, we are known as  Kitchen Boutique.

Kitchen Boutique Canmore Outside

As Co-Manager of this delightful Aladdin’s Cave bursting with kitchen appliances, beautiful china and gadgets and gizmos to amaze and please the most fastidious of customers, it also falls to me to teach the Cake Decorating classes here in Canmore, a rewarding and most enjoyable experience for students and teacher alike as I am constantly amazed and delighted at the creative expertise my students display and the obvious pleasure they get out of the classes.

Now, as I brush the rose petals out of the window from my Valentine’s display I can reveal my Baking window, not only for adults but also for the blossoming cook in every family. There are cute aprons and chef’s hats and a great little baking set complete with cookie cutters and a rolling pin……perfect for little hands. And then there are our fabulous character cake pans….Care Bears, Dora, Tinkerbell, to name but a few…and even a cheeky monkey…perfect for the cheeky monkey in your family.
Until next time.
Happy Baking


Smart Sponge

February 22, 2010

These Smart Sponges are both hilarious to me… and actually a really good idea.  How many times have you cleaned your toilet and then a few days later forgot which sponge you used?  Well I have!  Even though cleaning is my husband’s department… the odd time will arise where I’ll feel the need to clean what has become of the loo and will look for the sponge/cleaning articles under the sink.  But how do I know which sponge is for the toilet and which for the sink?  Quite frankly I don’t… and for 95% of you out there… you know you are just like me and guess!  But hey, we don’t need to scare our guests away any longer… the smart sponge… our solution to the unknown!

Tchill Ice Bucket/Bag

February 19, 2010

Tchill Bag

We were super excited when we came across these Tchill Ice buckets that are in the shape of a bag!

They are so easy to use… just throw in your ice and bottle and away you go!  No dripping, convenient to carry and they can be used again and again.  I like them because they fold away flat for easy storage.

They are also stitched so they will remain upright if put down on  a flat surface, even with water/ice in them.

Available in three colours: clear, red and purple.

Let me know if you have seen anything better when it comes to summer fun entertaining ideas… and we’ll bring it in.  Cbreeze

Candy Flower Bouquet

February 18, 2010

We just got these new and very cool candy flower bouquets which will make a great add-on to any gift!  At $6 each, it is amazing that they look so real and what is even better is that you can eat them!  They have a hard shell outer coating in colour and a dark chocolate flavour on the inside.   Lianna and I discovered these at the gift show in January and thought “How yummy and cool is that?”  Hope you like them! Cbreeze

Hilarious Cocktail Napkins!

February 15, 2010

Ok some people, not naming any names, but that’s what they get for letting me order stuff, might think that I have gone a little overboard with the napkins we have in the store. We do have a lot I will admit it, but there are just soooo many good ones to chose from. My favorites, and the hardest to pick just a few, are the funny cocktail napkins.

Part of it is me, but the biggest part is watching the customers come up to the rack and just stand and laugh.  It is contagious!… and who doesn’t like a good laugh! I mean you can be just having a boring day, working away and a little group of friends walks in,  then you hear one person giggling.  Then it’s” come and see this”, then it’s, “no look at this one” ,”this is sooo Susan, I have to get this” “No, what about this one, it’s too good!”

Do you see what I am saying, people are laughing , having fun, now the staff are laughing, and the next people that walk in want to know what’s so funny, and on and on it  goes.  All because I may have gotten a Little carried away with the napkins.

Keep smiling everyone, or just laugh out loud if you like, it’s fun!