Hilarious Cocktail Napkins!

Ok some people, not naming any names, but that’s what they get for letting me order stuff, might think that I have gone a little overboard with the napkins we have in the store. We do have a lot I will admit it, but there are just soooo many good ones to chose from. My favorites, and the hardest to pick just a few, are the funny cocktail napkins.

Part of it is me, but the biggest part is watching the customers come up to the rack and just stand and laugh.  It is contagious!… and who doesn’t like a good laugh! I mean you can be just having a boring day, working away and a little group of friends walks in,  then you hear one person giggling.  Then it’s” come and see this”, then it’s, “no look at this one” ,”this is sooo Susan, I have to get this” “No, what about this one, it’s too good!”

Do you see what I am saying, people are laughing , having fun, now the staff are laughing, and the next people that walk in want to know what’s so funny, and on and on it  goes.  All because I may have gotten a Little carried away with the napkins.

Keep smiling everyone, or just laugh out loud if you like, it’s fun!


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