Tchill Ice Bucket/Bag

Tchill Bag

We were super excited when we came across these Tchill Ice buckets that are in the shape of a bag!

They are so easy to use… just throw in your ice and bottle and away you go!  No dripping, convenient to carry and they can be used again and again.  I like them because they fold away flat for easy storage.

They are also stitched so they will remain upright if put down on  a flat surface, even with water/ice in them.

Available in three colours: clear, red and purple.

Let me know if you have seen anything better when it comes to summer fun entertaining ideas… and we’ll bring it in.  Cbreeze

One Response to Tchill Ice Bucket/Bag

  1. Linda says:

    love the idea of the smart sponge…and I can see the Tchill being the “must have this summer” for those who like their drink cold! Great new items in the store. I guess I will be seeing you soon to get mine before they are all gone. Have’t seen any of the same in Calgary.

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