Canmore Kitchen Boutique- Jane’s first blog

Hi from The Mountain Kitchen Store in Canmore, Alberta.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, we are a unique little kitchen store nestled in the foothills of the amazingly beautiful, and at this moment, snow covered Rocky Mountains… you can see why, in Canmore, we are known as The “Mountain Kitchen”. But, even so, we work closely with our larger sister store in Cochrane and, between the two of us, we are known as  Kitchen Boutique.

Kitchen Boutique Canmore Outside

As Co-Manager of this delightful Aladdin’s Cave bursting with kitchen appliances, beautiful china and gadgets and gizmos to amaze and please the most fastidious of customers, it also falls to me to teach the Cake Decorating classes here in Canmore, a rewarding and most enjoyable experience for students and teacher alike as I am constantly amazed and delighted at the creative expertise my students display and the obvious pleasure they get out of the classes.

Now, as I brush the rose petals out of the window from my Valentine’s display I can reveal my Baking window, not only for adults but also for the blossoming cook in every family. There are cute aprons and chef’s hats and a great little baking set complete with cookie cutters and a rolling pin……perfect for little hands. And then there are our fabulous character cake pans….Care Bears, Dora, Tinkerbell, to name but a few…and even a cheeky monkey…perfect for the cheeky monkey in your family.
Until next time.
Happy Baking

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