Spring Challenge!

My husband came up to me with a challenge the other day, that at first sounds really exciting, but is actually harder than it sounds. The Challenge: empty my closet of clothes and start over with new. Ahhh you mean get rid of stuff??? not so easy for me.

BUT it has started me thinking about other things around the house that I could do that for, things that really should be thrown out and bought new, Like DISH CLOTHS. I did that last year and can easily do that again. I mean think about it, who doesn’t have some dish cloths in the drawer that really should be thrown out?

It really doesn’t take much to freshen up the kitchen with some new cloths and maybe some matching tea towels or a pretty new apron. I know we’re just talking tea towels here, but having something new, even if it’s small, is a good way to perk up your day! After that you can take on the clothes closet! Good luck and keep smiling, Lianna

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