Hello from Wine Country USA

Hello , and welcome to my little California holiday.  Bryan and I have traveled from San Fransico to Carmel and down to San Luis Opiso. Little bit of rain, little bit of sun, quaint little towns and some fabulous wineries!

To me the best, okay, the second best part of the winery  is the little shops they all have . Each shop has trinkets and fun things. Some have more than others… some have lotions, some have gourmet food items, bread dippers, dips, crackers, ect.  but there is one thing that everyone that we have been to has that surprised me; The Vinturi Wine Aerator!

This, if you don’t know, and haven’t already got one from our store , was one of our biggest sellers over Christmas.

So I started asking the person behind the desk, pouring our wine if they had tried it and what did they think?  Each and everyone said they LOVED it.  It is the Best product of it ‘s kind out there!Really the wine people use it and like it.

I do have to tell you they are not so convinced the white wine Vinturi is necessary…so we may have to drop that one from our inventory, ‘cus we don’t need to sell you stuff that doesn’t work, but the red one is a must have !

Today we were at a great little wine tasting place in Cambria called Moonstone Cellers, and I asked owner Todd, what he thought. He said he loved it, but he went futher to expain…that he and his wife like different things from wine: he likes the heavy full flavor and his wife likes it a little smoother. He will use the Vinturi for his wife and not for him, because he can get two differnent tastes from one bottle of wine. Each to his own, right? We all have diffrent tastes and pallets, and the Vinturi will help you find yours.

Ok  I have rambled about this too long and I do have a bottle of wine that is waiting for me now. Try the Vinturi, Trust Me!

Keep smiling and remember, life is too short to drink bad wine!


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