Cadbury Chocolate Fondues

We just got our Cadbury shipment in and it is making me hungry for Easter! These cool fondues are  a great treat for that special Cadbury lover in your family… we also carry the fondue fillers in both the Caramilk and Creme Egg to add to this perfect gift!  Click on the pics to link to our online store where you can buy these!!!

Do you know how they get the Caramilk inside a Caramilk bar? Comment and let us know… because we don’t know and we would really like to know!

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend… and remember to join us in Cochrane from 1-3pm to see the Easter Bunny hiding chocolate eggs around the store!  Cbreeze

2 Responses to Cadbury Chocolate Fondues

  1. Ryan says:

    I love fondue! Do these work with fair-trade choclate and organic chocolate -or just with the cadbury? I’d prefer to get the FT because the regular cacao industry regularily employs child slavery!

  2. Erin says:

    where can you buy the cadbury caremilk fondue fillers in canada i got the fondue for christmas and cant seem too find the filler anywhere. please tell me. thanks

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