Gluten-free Crunch

May 30, 2010
Hazelnut Crunch by Coca Mira


Mmmmmmm!  Okay, so if you have been hunting for some yummy treats because you’ve just found out that you are either celiac or have a gluten intolerance… hunt no more.

These crunches, available in either hazelnut, dark chocolate or maple flavor are TO DIE FOR!

My sister, who is a celiac and I, who has a gluten intolerance, are always on the hunt for tasty gluten-free food products…when we were introduced to these awhile back, our only problem with the product was keeping the “tasting samples” away from my desk and off our hips! But, ohhhh, they are good!

There are a lot of great new gluten-free options that we’ll be adding to our stock and to our blog so keep a look out in the future.  Our g-f radars are tuned in!

If you live in the Cochrane area… check out GF (Gluten-Free) Patisserie… located on 3rd Avenue in a cute little white ‘n blue house… open Wed-Saturday from 10-5pm… please don’t buy up all of her callebaut brownies… those are my favorites!


Fun with Fondant

May 25, 2010

fondantgolf cake

If you have never decorated a cake with fondant you are missing out on a terrific experience.

As I start my Course 3 Decorating class my eager students are just beginning to discover the delights of spreading butter cream on to a cake followed by a delicious covering of fondant, which they will expertly smooth with their hands to produce a perfect finish – its as easy as that. BUT we aren’t stopping there, of course. We’ll be learning how to make a cake look like a well wrapped gift as we envelop it with an eye-catching fondant bow. Then, still part of the course, we’ll be making exquisite fondant roses and leaves which will be arranged delicately on the 2-tier wedding cake that will be their Grand Finale. Personally, I can’t wait to see the finished results, which I know will be amazing!

Anyone can work with fondant. Readily available in packs, not just in white but in pastels, primary colours – the list goes on. Its as easy to work with as the modeling clay you probably used as a child.

My advice would be, dust your work surface with icing sugar, knead your fondant until soft then just have a go, and if you are making figures you might consider edible markers for the faces – they work great. Remember to store any unused fondant in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out. Have fun!

Until next time
Happy Baking

Dancing Flower

May 14, 2010
bee happy Dancing Flower

Good, Clean, Solar-powered Fun!

We got these fabulous dancing flowers in new last week and everyone is CRAZY about them!   Due to their instant popularity, we’ve decided to feature them here for our blog readers… in case you’ve missed them in-store!

What a great gift idea for mom, grandma or a close friend!  What is really super about them is that  they won’t die out on you if you have a black thumb (like me).   They can travel easily and lightly if you are looking for a nice gift to take overseas… which is in fact what I’ll be doing next week – taking one of these for my fabulous mother-in-law who lives in England!

Available in either pink or blue.

Gotta get one… before we run out AGAIN!!!

Dear MoM,

May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Choosing the best Kitchen gifts  for your Mom. Here’s some ideas to help you:

Zwilling J.A Henckels Chef's Knife

Chocolate Cheer

May 5, 2010

chocolate book

Chocolate – in my opinion – should be in a food group all of its own!.    Not only does it taste fabulous but it makes you feel good – and that is a scientific fact!  Why else do we ‘treat’ ourselves to a chocolate bar when we feel a little down or in need of a boost?  But who needs an excuse – really?

Chocolate can be grated or crumbled or melted and drizzled in abundance on the most simplest of desserts – a bowl of ice-cream served in a colourful dish to adorning the most decadent of desserts but perhaps the best way is to smother a chocolate cake with a coat of melted chocolate.

If you don’t like a cake covered with buttercream, especially a character cake, try chocolate instead.  Give it one coat all over then pop it in the fridge until set, then coat it a second time – this is not an occasion where ‘less is more’ applies!!  Then use buttercream or white icing  to highlight the special features on your character cake, like facial expressions, paws, bows etc.

BUT remember, chocolate is like wine, use only the best stuff in your cooking.  Quality over quantity – No, we are talking about chocolate here, quantity is important too!

Until next time, Happy Baking