Fun with Fondant

fondantgolf cake

If you have never decorated a cake with fondant you are missing out on a terrific experience.

As I start my Course 3 Decorating class my eager students are just beginning to discover the delights of spreading butter cream on to a cake followed by a delicious covering of fondant, which they will expertly smooth with their hands to produce a perfect finish – its as easy as that. BUT we aren’t stopping there, of course. We’ll be learning how to make a cake look like a well wrapped gift as we envelop it with an eye-catching fondant bow. Then, still part of the course, we’ll be making exquisite fondant roses and leaves which will be arranged delicately on the 2-tier wedding cake that will be their Grand Finale. Personally, I can’t wait to see the finished results, which I know will be amazing!

Anyone can work with fondant. Readily available in packs, not just in white but in pastels, primary colours – the list goes on. Its as easy to work with as the modeling clay you probably used as a child.

My advice would be, dust your work surface with icing sugar, knead your fondant until soft then just have a go, and if you are making figures you might consider edible markers for the faces – they work great. Remember to store any unused fondant in an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out. Have fun!

Until next time
Happy Baking

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