FREE Canada Flag Eco Bag

June 30, 2010


We have these great little Eco Bags with Canada Flags on them… if you come by the store in Canmore on Canada Day from 1-6pm (after the parade) and mention that you checked out our blog… you can have one for FREE!  WOOT! WOOT!

Store Hours Today: 1pm-6pm in Canmore and 12pm-5pm in Cochrane.

Happy Canada Day!!!


Canada Day Cupcakes and Cookies

June 28, 2010

As Canada Day approaches and festivities get into full swing, thoughts everywhere will be turning to food for the Big Day. Whether you are planning a big family get-together at home, a BBQ on the deck, a picnic in the park or a day at the beach, why not tempt those sweet taste buds with these quick and easy Canada Day cupcakes and cookies.

If you can bake your own cupcakes and cookies that’s always good but if time is an issue, then buy them and forgo the guilt…no-one will mind.

For the Cookies – Smooth creamy white buttercream icing on to the top of your cupcakes.
With a maple leaf cookie cutter, make an indentation on the top of the buttercreamed cupcakes.
Fill an icing bag with red medium buttercream icing and, with a star tip number 16 fill in the maple leaf shape with tiny red stars.
If your cupcakes are big enough, pipe a pretty star border around the edge, with the same tip.

For the Cookies – Fill 2 icing bags, one with white medium icing and one with red.
Place a maple leaf cookie cutter on your cookies and pipe and outline with a number 2 tip. Then change the tip to number 16 and fill in with stars, just like the cupcakes.
Red maple leaves look great on light and oaty cookies but chocolate based cookies make perfect bases for white maple leaves.

Have a great Canada Day
Happy Baking

Banana Guard

June 28, 2010

If you love watching Dragon’s Den on tv, you will love this item…

It was featured in one of the earlier seasons and has become  a big hit – Canada wide!!!  And, seeing as we’re coming up to Canada Day and the fun that enfolds… I thought I would feature this product – from Canadian entrepreneurs!

It will keep your banana from getting bruised or mushy when you take lunch to work or a picnic in your backpack… and makes a great talking piece for those of you with a good sense of humor:)

England’s Boutique Kitchen Shops – Beckenham

June 14, 2010

"The Kitchen Range"

Shop #2 – Beckenham, Kent

When I see business owners who do not invest in the exterior of their shop… I want to cry.  Please, please, please, don’t be deceived by it’s out-dated appearance, this little cook shop in Beckenham, Kent is a great find.

Although tiny, this like-minded shop owner has also managed to “cram” the space full of wonderful kitchen trinkets.  It is cute, staff were friendly and Beckenham has a number of other great stores to offer.

Not my favourite, but a good place on a rainy day and/or if you prefer a slower pace in greater London.


England’s Boutique Kitchen Shops – Westerham

June 7, 2010

Stop #1 – Westerham, Kent

England has some great specialty kitchen stores… quaintly referred to as “cook shops!” This is the first one I stopped at in Westerham, a small village in the southern part of Kent. If you love quaint English villages… you will love this one… .it has just one main street with a number of boutique shops including the cook shop. There is a small green area with a large statue of Winston Churchill on it… apparently Winston used to live nearby in Chartwell. We visited here and then went on to check out Hever Castle… which is a fantastic place for a picnic and a day spent roaming the Castle gardens.

My big find in the store: cleaning brushes that have flower and animal themed tops that are made in Spain.

Comfort Cooking

June 3, 2010

Icing Cake

What do you do if your car breaks down and is going to cost a small fortune to fix, or you miss out on the job you set your heart on to someone you know will be rubbish at it, or, like me, you walk into the hairdressers on a sunny morning hoping to emerge as a Catherine Zeta Jones lookalike, and not only do you not, but the cut you asked for is nothing like the one you actually ended up with, and cut very badly at that?!

Well, if you are like me you go home, way past disappointed, pop the cork on a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass and rip the wrapper off the biggest chocolate bar in the cupboard so you can wallow for a while in dark self-pity until the wine begins to take effect and you notice the sun is still actually shining.

My next step was to spend the rest of the day in my kitchen baking up a storm until I reached my comfort zone again. It is almost therapeutic, like a healing process and one I would heartily recommend if you love cooking and are having a bad day.

So I spent my afternoon measuring, beating, whisking and smoothing until the air smelt of sweet satisfaction and sponge cake. Once it was cooled I mixed up some creamy buttercream and spread it on one half of my cake then covered the other half with my favourite strawberry jam. After sandwiching them together I slid my cake on to the prettiest plate I had and dusted it with icing sugar. Wow – what a cake!

So next time you are having a bad day, especially a bad hair day, get yourself into the kitchen for a few self-healing hours……and perhaps, buy yourself a hat!!
Until next time
Happy Baking