Comfort Cooking

Icing Cake

What do you do if your car breaks down and is going to cost a small fortune to fix, or you miss out on the job you set your heart on to someone you know will be rubbish at it, or, like me, you walk into the hairdressers on a sunny morning hoping to emerge as a Catherine Zeta Jones lookalike, and not only do you not, but the cut you asked for is nothing like the one you actually ended up with, and cut very badly at that?!

Well, if you are like me you go home, way past disappointed, pop the cork on a bottle of wine, pour yourself a glass and rip the wrapper off the biggest chocolate bar in the cupboard so you can wallow for a while in dark self-pity until the wine begins to take effect and you notice the sun is still actually shining.

My next step was to spend the rest of the day in my kitchen baking up a storm until I reached my comfort zone again. It is almost therapeutic, like a healing process and one I would heartily recommend if you love cooking and are having a bad day.

So I spent my afternoon measuring, beating, whisking and smoothing until the air smelt of sweet satisfaction and sponge cake. Once it was cooled I mixed up some creamy buttercream and spread it on one half of my cake then covered the other half with my favourite strawberry jam. After sandwiching them together I slid my cake on to the prettiest plate I had and dusted it with icing sugar. Wow – what a cake!

So next time you are having a bad day, especially a bad hair day, get yourself into the kitchen for a few self-healing hours……and perhaps, buy yourself a hat!!
Until next time
Happy Baking

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