Sandwich Guard and the Lunch Punch

August 31, 2010

Back to School
Making Lunch

Sandwich Guard YellowSend your kids back to school with an eco-friendly sandwich guard; think of the all the plastic sandwich bags you can save, and your child can choose from an assortment of cool colours.

Additionally, the s’wich guard is easy to open, and is dishwasher safe. Need I say more?!?!?!

Lunch Punch Match & Munch

You can even go a step further and cut their sandwich into cool shapes – like giant puzzle pieces, butterflies, elephants, dolphins, or puppies. Or better yet, your child can cut out their own sandwich, since the lunch punch sets are child friendly.

Conveniently, the lunch punch sets can be used on a number of other items; such as, playdough, cheese, cookies, etc.

Amanda 🙂


Garlic Press OFF!!!

August 30, 2010

Okay, so we had a fabulous staff party the other night… and we decided to figure out… once and for all, what our favorite garlic press was…

Ranked #1 by: Jesse, Tracey and Claire was the Zyliss Garlic Press… reason we loved this one so much?  Easy to squeeze and clean.

I’ve had my Zyliss garlic press for years and love how well it works… what I have noticed though from other customers who have purchased it, is that if put in the dishwasher, instead of hand washing… eventually the finish will wear away.

Ranked #1 by: Lianna was the OXO Garlic Press because there are NO parts to loose… it’s all one piece… it is easy to just flip and go!!!

The down side to this press is that it is the garlic press that I get returns on the MOST. What happens?  People use too much force on the press and end up “snapping” the joint… so I would advise against this press if you are Hercules!

Ranked #1 by: Kendra was the Garlic Pro EZEE-Dice who liked how it chopped all of the garlic into nice little bits, was easy to “knock” them out and fairly easy to clean.

As a group… we all did like how well this little guy worked and personally I would have this one and another garlic press because I would use this garlic pro for when I wanted minced garlic bits and my press when I wanted mashed garlic (garlic juice drips into dish).

Ranked #1 by: Amanda and the Consumer Report was the Chef ‘n Garlic Press because it was the easiest to press… Amanda thought that seniors with joint pain would find this garlic press the easiest to use.  Personally we have not had this product very long so I’m unsure of it’s performance long term, but it does seem to be well made.

… so as you can see… we all have very unique tastes.  So our plan of attack in the future?  To keep stocking these fabulous four and keep our eyes open for even better ones!

Life’s On Fire – Cooking for the Rushed

August 9, 2010

With the end of the lazy, carefree days of summer coming up it is time to start getting into real life mode. With back to school, club meetings, dance lessons, sports, ect ect ect….I recommend running out and buying this book! It really works! It gives you everything you need to have your busy life and eat good food too. On Sunday you print off a copy of the shopping list, check it off, go to the store once and ta da you are ready for the next weeks dinners.

The recipes are simple , older kids would have no problem taking a turn and helping out.The meals are tasty even for the fussy ones in your house.

Local author Sandy Richards knows what she is doing, she has 7  children!

I have made every thing in this book and I don’t think there is one I would not try again, some recipes have become family favorites.

Try it , you will like it!   Keep smiling, from Lianna