Cuisinart Slow Cooker – Cooking Time!!

Cuisinart Slow Cooker 6.5QtThe Cuisinart Slow Cooker is one of my favorite electrical appliances that Cuisinart makes.

My husband creates a variation of the Butternut Squash Soup that is in the Cuisinart Recipe book that you get with the Slow Cooker, that is to die for.

Just email me at if you would like his trade secrets.

As we’ve had a crummy weather day today, I thought I’d share this with you as I’m feeling like it is Slow Cooker Cooking Time Season!!!

It is available in three sizes: 3.5Qt, 4Qt and 6.5Qt – I recommend the largest size because you can always freeze the left-overs!


One Response to Cuisinart Slow Cooker – Cooking Time!!

  1. Vicki Beatty says:

    Hi. I was in the store back in January and made a purchase. When I went to pay there was a problem with the debit machine. My transaction wouldn’t go thru, so I paid in cash. To my surprise, when I received my bank statement it had gone through. The date I was in was January 21 and the amount I paid twice was $24.15. I’m sure you noticed that your books didn’t balance that day to that amount, so I’m wondering what we can do to remedy this. I would appreciate you looking into this for me. Sorry it took so long but I didn’t have your phone number and was only just back in the store this past week (I live in Calgary). My contact info is listed below however I’ll also give you my phone number: 403-241-7443. Thank you.

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