Wildly Delicious Brie Baker

Wildly Delicious Brie Baker We recently got in boxes and boxes  of Brie Bakers… and I have to tell you… these are the hottest gift!

Place brie wheel inside the baker… put into oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes and voila! Baked Brie.

Add chutney or, as I did over Thanksgiving… add Brie Brulee topping and ohmygoodness! Yummy!

The Brie Brulee topping we tried out was the Honey Orange… you sprinkle it on top the brie, before you put it in the oven and it carmalizes while the brie is cooking… when the brie is finished… you can nip it under the grill for a few minutes or use a torch and just “finish-off” the carmalizing brie brulee.

I couldn’t believe how delicious this tasted… I’m never going to get into my skinny pants now!

Available in red, cream, cassis (eggplant), rosemary (green).

Available in two sizes: Single Brie Wheel $19 or Party Wheel $30


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