Chef ‘n Bananza Banana Slicer

Chef'n Bananza Hand-held Banana Slicer

A new tool from Chef ‘n is their Bananza Banana Slicer which we just recently got into the store.  I got to try it out at the CGTA gift show in Toronto and it works so well that I’m going to take one home for my kids. 

My daughter is in grade one now and has become quite independent in the kitchen with making her own breakfast and helping to make and pack her lunch.  To ensure that this habit continues… I’m going to take the bananza home to her and get her to try it out.  I think adding banana onto her cereal in the morning, or for putting in her lunch sliced up, will empower her to eat more bananas… the one thing that seems to come back at the end of the day:)

I won’t mention at this point how hilarious and slightly guillotine-esque this appears when you see it work from the side, but dispite looks, functions very well.  So other than function, it will make a great gag gift for any bachelorette party this summer!

$11.00 Cdn




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  1. cutlery silver…

    Chef ‘n Bananza Banana Slicer « Kitchen Boutique…

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