Our World Famous Bestseller

February 5, 2010

Hello, I have been told to have a successful blog you have to add to it everyday. So what does one write about everyday?

Well today I am going to tell you about our biggest selling item in the store. If you have been in the store you already know what it is. People come from miles around just to buy one or more, they mail it to family and friends, and then get told to send more. We have people bring their visitors in and tell them they have to have them, and heaven forbid we ever run out of them!

I am of course talking about the world’s finest Potscrubber! For those of you who have not tried it ,(don’t know who that would be) it really, really is the best scrubber thing you could have. It can be used on anything: nonstick pans, countertops, glass stove tops and much more. It is awesome in the bathroom, on tubs, sinks and showers.

I have used it on my car to get bugs off… it is great for cleaning fruit,(not the same one of course, you have to have a few)… we even had one lady say she used them on her feet!

Anyway, they are sitting right on the front counter, they cost $3 and I suggest getting a couple, cus you will want them.
Keep Smiling! Lianna

Ps, this is a picture of mine at home, a little used but very loved.