Kitchen Boutique’s New Spring Catalogue!

March 30, 2011

Hot off the press!

Pick up our new Kitchen Boutique Catalogue  in-store or simply check it out online.

Kitchen Boutique Spring Catalogue


Cadbury Chocolate Fondues

March 31, 2010

We just got our Cadbury shipment in and it is making me hungry for Easter! These cool fondues are  a great treat for that special Cadbury lover in your family… we also carry the fondue fillers in both the Caramilk and Creme Egg to add to this perfect gift!  Click on the pics to link to our online store where you can buy these!!!

Do you know how they get the Caramilk inside a Caramilk bar? Comment and let us know… because we don’t know and we would really like to know!

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend… and remember to join us in Cochrane from 1-3pm to see the Easter Bunny hiding chocolate eggs around the store!  Cbreeze

Free Tomato Saver

March 19, 2010

Another addition to the saver family… the TOMATO saver.

As with our other additions these little tomato savers are perfect for keeping whole, half or quarter parts of a tomato fresh longer and from getting SQUISHED in the fridge.

For any tomato lover they are a perfect add-on gift and compliment a brand new tomato knife well.

Tomato fact:

Did you know that the tomato is the world’s most popular FRUIT?

WIN a FREE tomato saver!

Just name the 2nd most popular fruit after tomatoes

(First 3 people who comment below with the correct answer WIN)

Free Onion Saver

March 12, 2010

Too bad that time ran out on the give-a-way!  If you had guessed that our next saver was an onion saver… you would have won a lemon/lime saver!

These fantastic little onion savers are perfect for prolonging the life of your onion, (if only I could have done that with my 21 year old body!)  or for storing a half, or a quarter piece of onion and not forgetting about it.

Jesse loves these the most because the odors don’t leak into your fridge at home or your cooler when you are camping!

FREE Onion Saver

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Raclette Party in the Mountains

March 3, 2010

raclette party grill

Have you ever found yourself flustered and perhaps a little overwhelmed when friends come over for dinner? Even if you’re looking forward to the event do you still feel your stress levels rising? If so, then I may just have the answer for you.

Have you ever considered a raclette party? Raclette party-givers everywhere will now be nodding their heads in agreement. A raclette is a small tabletop grill that you place in the middle of your table where everyone can cook their own food at their own pace and a relaxed and fun time can be had by all. How great is that!

After recently being invited to a friend’s home for just such a party I can wholeheartedly contest that these kind of dinners are a lot of fun and can be as elaborate or informal as you wish.

So, how does it work?
Well, as many as 8 people can sit round to a raclette. The perfect size for a dinner party! All the food can be pre-prepared – oh joy! Don’t you love this idea already? AND as the party-giver all you have to do is dress your table in your prettiest linens, top with some eye-catching china, add sparkling glassware, chill the wine and plug in your raclette grill. So easy!

Okay, what about the food I hear you say!

Prepare tiny potatoes and small pieces of stir fry vegetables then cook the potatoes just before you need them so you serve them warm, (microwaves are great for this). Blanch the vegetables – sugar snap peas, bright coloured peppers etc are just great for this.

Cut any kind of meats into small, thin pieces for ease of cooking and pair with slices of sausage and seafood – this kind of meal is only limited by your imagination!

All you have to do is arrange your edibles into attractive dishes and assign them to your guests, (couples are easier as they can share).

Don’t forget a dish of grated cheese for everyone which your guests will pile into their paddle that sits under the grill. As it melts to perfection they pour the cheese on to the potatoes and vegetables – absolutely delicious!!

You’ll find that giving a raclette party is such a breeze you’ll possibly have left more than enough time to conjure up a spectacular dessert! My clever friend had baked a chocolate cake, topped it with cherries and a fabulous glaze then popped it into the fridge where it sat until the appropriate moment when she produced it in fine style, only needing to add a flourish of whipped cream. Fabulous.


Until next time
Bon Appetit

Free Lemon/Lime Savers

February 24, 2010

I have finally got these fantastic lemon/lime savers on our online store so I thought I’d tell you about them on our blog  too!

They are fantastic for keeping your lemons/limes from going off or for storing cut wedges where a. you’ll remember they are there and b. they won’t drip all over the rest of the stuff in your fridge.

We have more savers coming… can you guess which ones are next?  I will send a FREE lemon or lime saver to the first five people who comment. Cbreeze

Smart Sponge

February 22, 2010

These Smart Sponges are both hilarious to me… and actually a really good idea.  How many times have you cleaned your toilet and then a few days later forgot which sponge you used?  Well I have!  Even though cleaning is my husband’s department… the odd time will arise where I’ll feel the need to clean what has become of the loo and will look for the sponge/cleaning articles under the sink.  But how do I know which sponge is for the toilet and which for the sink?  Quite frankly I don’t… and for 95% of you out there… you know you are just like me and guess!  But hey, we don’t need to scare our guests away any longer… the smart sponge… our solution to the unknown!