Chef attends Christmas party!

December 6, 2009

Pierre A Lamielle the author and illustrator of the humorous cookbook “Kitchen Scraps” was welcomed by our staff from both stores to host our annual Christmas party. We enjoyed a three course meal starting with the “Julius Caesar Salad”. The salad was crisp and refreshing with a nice light taste. Everyone gobbled it up including our single Celiac at the table.

Our main course was entitled “Vampire slayer’s garlic-laced chicken. This marvelously moist chicken pumped up full of garlic was a sure fire way to keep all our  vampires (aka husbands) away.

Last, but not least we were please to taste the “half-baked pot brownies”. Cooked in a medium sized pot the biggest challenge about making these brownies was to eat them. Overall a gooey, fudgy experience was had by all.

Not only did we get to eat Pierre’s food, he also autographed all our cookbooks. True to his nature this wasn’t just any autograph though. A unique one of kind illustration for all of us. We could really see his passion and many different talents of this extraordinary young  man.

Congratulations on a wonderful evening and great tasting food!

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