The Right Glass

March 4, 2010

wine glass

I love a restaurant that uses the right wine glasses!
I have been enjoying my trip through one of the best wine regions in the world. I have learned the difference between Aroma and Bouquet, Thanks again to Todd at Moonstones. I have tasted all the flavors that wines can have, the tones, the fruits, the buttery-ness, the pepper undertones, and on and on. It is an art, it takes thought. People spend a great deal of time, effort and a lot of money on their love of wine. When they go out , with this knowledge, to a fine restaurant and want to finally use what they know to pair their dinner with a fine wine,They want the right fricking glass! Riedel is of course the number one glass, if you get that for dinner you know you are in the right place, sit back and enjoy your night out!
Bon Appitette!