Master Chef Alex

Name: Alex

Nick Name: Husky Pup

About: Owner

Hero: Batman

Shoe Size: Very Large

Motto: The time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Leftie or Rightie: Leftie


Kitchen Tip: Always use sharp knives.


6 Responses to Master Chef Alex

  1. Linda says:

    Is Husky for hire? What is his specialty dish???

  2. Alex says:

    Spotted *ick. Hiring is negotiable.

  3. Andrew Paxman says:

    Hello Alex, Hello Claire,
    Nice job with both websites – congrats! We could use a store like yours in Jackson. Any chance of expanding southwards?!
    Good to meet you both on Monday. I hope you all had an event-free trip back.
    Saludos, Andrew

  4. Alex says:

    Thanks Andrew, it was good to get to know you better and discuss future “possibilities”.
    The trip back was interesting. Osias slept for maybe the last hour of the flight.
    We need to keep working on your brother and getting him on the correct continent.
    If you ever want a holiday in the Rockies, just send us an email.

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