Chef ‘n Stem Gem Strawberry Stem Remover

June 20, 2011

Chef'n Stem Gem Strawberry Huller In Use

Chef ‘n has developed this super cute Stem Gem – Strawberry Stem remover which works really well getting those super annoying stems out of strawberries.

Although it came out last year, this is the first time we have featured them in the store because of their overwhelming popularity across Canada.

A great new little gadget which, if you love strawberries as much as me… is a super tool to add to your collection!

$10.00 Cdn


Pig Tail Food Flipper

June 13, 2011

Pig Tail Food FlipperThis handy Pig Tail Food Flipper is going to be a must for all Father’s Day gifts this year!

It is the handy-est cooking tool you’ll ever own… as I have done for the last year since I picked one up at the Calgary Stampede and just LOVED it.

It is great for turning, flipping and carrying food easily in the kitchen or on the grill.  We love using ours and have found that it saves always getting out your tongs, forks or spatulas and works more efficiently because of the dexterty it offers you when handling food.

Buy it for Dad, Hubby or brother – t’will not disappoint.

12″ – $13.00

19″ – $15.00

Set of 2 (1 of each size) – $25.00