Showpiece Meringue

So you have your perfect recipe for pavlova/meringues and you are all set to go BUT how do you present this amazing snowy mixture so that it is a dessert of legend?

First ensure your bowls and equipment are all grease free – this is very important! Next ensure that you crack your eggs into a bowl using an egg separator. You only want the white! Any little bit of yolk will ruin your meringue. One more tip, check your mixture periodically during whipping by rubbing a small amount between your thumb and forefinger. If you can still feel sugar crystals then you need to whip some more until they are gone.

OK, if you are a dolloper and you want your meringue to look like a nest – and it should be a beautiful delicate shell with a marshmallow centre that you pile full of whipped cream and fresh berries – then you need to use a No. 18 Wilton Featherweight bag with a large coupler and a large 6B tip. This will give your nest a lovely star effect – making you the star!

Until next time
Happy Baking

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